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Our local services means you can sell my car today, we provide a price, set a time and pick it up.


We know your old vehicle means a lot but you may have no use for it anymore. This is where we can make the decision easier. We will pay top market value, most of the time beating out our competitors. We have our own truck to pick it up and meet you. We offer FREE towing of the used car pickup. 

Sell My Car Edmonton, is one of the best car buying companies. We will not only give you the best price, but we will also give you the best service.  Find out about us. A growing demand for used vehicles means the highest price paid NOW

Same Day Local Pickup

If we can Sell My Car today, That’s right we will come to you same day from the scheduled appointment. We are ready to help take your vehicle and pay top dollar. We give the best prices around and know how to make the process smooth and simple. Ready to get started? We are standing by.

Our professional staff will be about giving you an appraise your vehicle for the highest possible price. In 30 minutes or less (MUCH quicker for scrap cars and trucks), we do the paperwork, plate removal and pay you top dollar! We don’t try to sell, trade or confuse! Condition, market demand, mileage, options, and colour determine value.



No Matter what type of vehicle you have we will take a look! Whether its a small car, SUV, van or truck we still pay top dollar.


We want any type of vehicle. The model does not matter as much to us as we are also in the business of vehicle recycling in Edmonton.


No matter if your vehicle is 4 years old or 40 we will take a look and see the best price we can give. Any condition is fine with us.


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Immediate cash payments for lower priced vehicles

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Sell My Car Edmonton has been serving our customers since 2005

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A growing demand for used vehicles means the highest price paid NOW

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We only buy, we do not try to sell. Call Us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can come the same day! This means if you are happy with the price we can give you, we will schedule your pick up and come usually within 24 hours. 

When we provide you with a quote we always give the best price we can pay. Prices depend on many factors but a lot has to do with the price of metal. 

No! The vehicle condition is not a priority. Whether it runs, doesn’t run or has rust on it that is fine with us.  We take vehicles at any level. This of course may affect the price we can pay.

This again is a question based on many factors. Some vehicles are worth $100 while others $10,000. It just depends on metal price, size of vehicle, what is left on the car and much more.

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